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Free Pregnancy classes

If you are a pregnant woman and want to safely get fit or stay fit during your pregnancy 


If you want to learn how to take care of your pelvic floor as your baby grows


If you have been experiencing even just a little bit of leaky Pelvic Floor


If you have some ‘low back pain’ or maybe you're finding certain movements difficult 


If you want to learn easy to apply rest and self-care strategies 


If you want to exercise in way that will prepare you for labour, birthing and postnatal healing


If you want to understand the ESSENTIALS OF OPTIMAL NUTRITION for both you and your baby during your Pregnancy and into the Post Natal Period


If you answered YES to the above questions this is for you!


You can be ensured that you will be screened before you start 


All sessions are via zoom and you'll have access to a closed facebook group where Melissa will post the recordings of your classes to reuse at home as homework for the duration of your membership. 


A resistance band and a massage ball is all you need for the sessions 


2 x 20 minute sessions per week


Meeting on Tuesday & Thursday at 11:15am


email me at to book your place


purchase a massage ball here

purchase a resistance band here

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