Going into lockdown 2, I wanted to offer support for anyone who might need a little daily kick... It was so successful, I am going to repeat the same format in the lead up to Christmas. Mainly to start your New Year's resolution early. Let's grab 2021 by the horns and show who's boss! lol


Lift Lean sessions are time efficient (just 10 minutes), strengthening, weighted sessions, which are super easy to fit into the busiest of schedules.


The focus is on


• Increasing Bone Density

• Increasing Mental Clarity and Cognition

• Increasing Definition


Mix and Match with whatever equipment you have using either of the following or use my website shop to purchase any key pieces of equipment you might like here



*Weights/barbells/plates/kettlebells/medicine balls/heavy books in a rucksack! (Ideally dumbbells of 3kg and/or 5kg)


*Resistance Bands – Mini Bands and Resistance Bands


10 minute pre-recorded sessions daily for you to follow. The recording will be placed in a closed facebook group for you to access from the night before.


Daily pep-talks to keep you on track.


And a sensible nutrition plan with recipe ideas for you to follow for the 21 days.


Set your goals at the weekend before you start, take your measurements and photos (which can all be kept private).


Keep yourself accountable by posting when you've done your workout or by posting a sweaty selfie and I want to see your lovely food photos!


All this for just £27

Starting 30th November until 20th December 2020


Are you with me?


Book here

SEND ME AN EMAIL WHEN YOU HAVE BOOKED TO melissagaul.walker@gmail.com

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