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Are you in need of quick and effective workouts that won't cost you a fortune? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Being a busy mother of three, I understand how challenging it can be to juggle work and family life, especially in these trying times. To make things easier for myself, I started incorporating 15-minute bodyweight workouts into my daily routine, using minimal equipment.

By joining my group, you'll also have access to meal ideas and recipes to help you balance your fitness routine.

This is an excellent opportunity to stay motivated and connected with like-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals. Some of my members have been with me since the second lockdown, which is a testament to the quality of the program.

So, why not give it a shot and see how combining short, efficient workouts with balanced meals can help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle?

I offer a £5 discount per month if you set up a direct debit

Option 1 £30 per month via Paypal

  • Live zoom class during term time every Monday at 7pm 30 minutes + access to the recording in a closed facebook group (you also have access to all previous recording dating back to 2017)

Free bonuses

  • Meal ideas and recipes

  • 1 x 45 minute live zoom meditation group on Monday at 8pm

  • plus meditation recording is added to the group on Sunday mornings for those who can't make the live


Option 2 £35 per month via PayPal

  • All the above plus

  • 6 x 15 minute pre-recorded movement sessions from Monday to Saturday for you to follow. The recordings are placed in a closed facebook group at 6am

  • 2 x 15 minute live zoom sessions every week depending on my schedule


The focus of these workouts is on increasing bone density, joint mobility, balance, mental clarity and cognition. A side effect of doing these workouts will not only mean you feel stronger, but you'll also notice better definition ('toned' muscles), fat loss and feeling more confident overall!

These recorded sessions are great for anyone with a busy schedule, as they only take 15 minutes. They involve a combination of weights, resistance bands, and body weight exercises, making them incredibly efficient. Plus, you don't need a lot of space to do them - just a yoga mat-sized area.


To get started, I suggest investing in a pair of 3kg weights for your arms and 5kg weights for your back and legs. Additionally, we use a green resistance band to add some variety to your exercises and really target those hard-to-reach muscle groups. And finally, a massage ball for working out any knots or sore spots in your muscles as I often add some self-massage to the sessions.

I've found that setting goals before starting a workout routine really helps with staying on track. It's also a good idea to take measurements and photos (you can keep them private, of course) so that you have a way to track your progress over time. And accountability! Sharing your progress in the group can be a great way to stay motivated and on track.

Option 1 £30 per month via Paypal

Option 2 £35 per month via PayPal

email me for a £5 discount per month if you set up a direct debit

Are you with me?


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