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Tummy massage for babies

👶✨ Hey Mummies! ✨👶 Are you a new mom looking for ways to bond with your precious little one while nurturing their well-being? 💕

Look no further! Join me for a magical journey of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga at The Salvation Army on Forest Road every Thursday during term time at 2 PM! 🌿

🤱 Why is it important to massage your baby's tummy, you ask? Here are a few great reasons: 1️⃣ Digestive Comfort: Gentle tummy massages can help alleviate gas and constipation, keeping your baby happy and comfy. 2️⃣ Strengthen Bond: It's a beautiful way to deepen the connection with your little one, promoting trust and relaxation. 3️⃣ Better Sleep: Massaging your baby's tummy can aid in improving their sleep patterns, which means more rest for you too! 😴 4️⃣ Calm and Relax: Baby massage and yoga create a peaceful environment for both mom and baby, reducing stress and anxiety. 5️⃣ Development: It's fantastic for your baby's physical and cognitive development.

Can't wait to meet you all! To book your spot and make a payment, simply head to my website at

🌟 In the meantime, I've prepared a special recording to give you a taste of the magic.

Watch the recording to start massaging those adorable baby tummies! 🌈👣 Let's make this journey even more special together. See you soon! 🌸 #BabyMassage#BabyYoga#MomLife#BondingTime

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