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A Retreat with Melissa Movement, Massage & Tropic

I am so very excited to present the third day dedicated to movement and relaxation...


Join me for a day dedicated to giving back to your body, focusing on both your mental and physical wellbeing as well as nourishing your body.


The past few years have not been short of challenges and it just doesn't seem to letting up! It’s time to give your self permission to stop and and take control...

Don't let life get in the way of your self care!

Take advantage of the payment plan option and have a little 'me time' booked in to look forward to.




We will start the day with an energising yoga session with Sherene Banner. It will be a simple, easy to follow, fun movement class that will be manageable for all abilities.

We will then have an hour of circle time with Nikki Darby discussing rites of passage, the menstrual cycle, moon cycles, seasons, cyclical living, menstrual cycle awareness and holistic self care practices. For anyone who isn't menstruating we will discuss other ways you can honour the ebbs and flow of living life in a cyclical body.

A warm Thai buffet lunch catered by Noi Abrahams.

For our afternoon session I will take you through a really relaxing session. We will focus on self care, self massage and breath-work, but most importantly giving you permission to unwind.

We will end this nourishing day with guided meditation and self reflection, accompanied by a Sound bath with Mark Smallman.

Throughout the day I will also provide you with a snack, teas & coffees.


Date, Time & Location

Sunday 14th May 2023

10:00 to 16:00

Peterhouse Community Centre

122 Forest Rise, 

E17 3PW

We have a wonderful airy venue for our retreat day with a beautiful garden space when you need some fresh air.

And free on street parking available


Price £23.75 x 4 monthly payments

 pay via BACS to
​HSBC Melissa Gaul sort code 40 07 31 acc no 91608347

Feel free to create a standing order/
direct debit or use the
paypal link below

Half day option (morning or afternoon)
available on request
including lunch

(at 12:30pm to 1:45pm)


Please note

Once you have signed up, please email me at

In the past, I've had purchases made where the email addresses on your PayPal account may not be the current email you use and I will have no way of getting in touch with you! I will need to screen you before you attend the workshop so don't forget this part please. 

Refunds are not given under any circumstances,

but you may transfer your session to another person for the same time and date as the original arrangement, subject to their screening.

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