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A Retreat with Melissa

Sunday 28th April 2024

11:35am to 4:20pm

Mornington Hall, 10 Queens Walk, London E4 7EP

Price £75 for the full day

£5 discount for the full day, if paid in full by bacs - email me for this option


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Are you ready for a day of movement, learning and relaxation?


🌟 Welcome to a transformative day retreat designed to prioritize your wellbeing! I'm excited to invite you to a unique experience where we'll delve into easing peri/menopause symptoms while nurturing your mental and physical health.


This day is all about giving yourself permission to pause, recenter, and invest in self-care.


Join me for a day dedicated to nourishing your body, revitalizing your spirit, and learning valuable techniques for holistic wellness.


Take advantage of our flexible payment plans and secure your spot for a rejuvenating day of self-discovery and "me time" to eagerly anticipate. Embrace this opportunity to prioritize yourself and embark on a journey toward holistic wellness!



I'm excited about kicking off the day with an invigorating yoga session led by the captivating Sherene.


As usual, it's going to be a nourishing, straightforward, and enjoyable movement session suitable for everyone, regardless of abilities. I'm eagerly anticipating the chance to stretch and experience that revitalizing sensation!

After a brief and delightful snack break, we'll continue our day with our Peri/Menopause Workshop.


We'll gain insights into the changes our bodies undergo during this phase and learn valuable strategies to prepare for a smoother transition through this natural stage of life.

This session will equip us with practical, actionable methods to help improve bone health and pelvic floor health.

Indulge in a delectable buffet lunch meticulously prepared for your enjoyment.


Anticipate a delightful experience that promises to be a memorable feast for all your senses.

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Book Here

I'm eagerly anticipating the conclusion of this enriching day with a guided meditation and self-reflection session led by me, followed by a serene sound bath.


It's the ideal way to wind down, allowing us to reflect on the day's experiences. I'm excited to release all stress and worries, immersing ourselves completely in the present moment.


This practice is a surefire way to foster a sense of centeredness and grounding, offering precisely what we need to rejuvenate our spirits! Particularly for those navigating peri/menopause symptoms, this nurturing practice can offer a soothing respite, providing moments of calm and clarity amidst any challenges.

Indulge in a variety of teas and coffees throughout the day to keep you refreshed and invigorated. If there's a particular flavor or brew you're yearning for, just let me know! I'm here to ensure your preferences are met, offering a personalized touch to your experience.

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Date, Time & Location

Sunday 28th April 2024

11:35am to 4:20pm

Mornington Hall, 10 Queens Walk, London E4 7EP


As always, I've secured a fantastic venue for our retreat day!


The space is wonderfully bright and spacious, complemented by the convenience of free on-street parking.


I can't wait to spend this day together in such a delightful and accommodating setting!

Price £75 for the full day
£5 discount if paid in full by bacs - email me for this option


Book Here

Please note

After signing up, please remember to send me an email at I want to make sure I can get in touch with you before the Day Retreat to get your food order and your screening done, so it's really important that I have your most up-to-date email address. Just a heads up, refunds aren't available for the day retreat, but you can transfer your session to someone else as long as they've been screened and it's for the same time and date as your original booking. Let me know if you have any questions!

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