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It was created by Mike Fitch and is a trademarked bodyweight program that's focus is mainly around ground-based work. It is equipment free movement, featuring animal-style movements, encouraging core stability, whole body & joint strength, mobility and body awareness.

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What is Animal Flow?


and include a range of movements and combinations. These are grouped into categories we call the “Six Components.” Each Component is designed with a specific goal in mind and can be mixed and matched, allowing you to incorporate any of them however you like, in your workouts.


Wrist mobilisations are used to prepare the joints of the hands and wrists for weight bearing. Healthy wrists are so important for anyone, whether they're a complete beginner or very experienced. This step is never missed.


We"wake up" the body using our activations and this helps the body to communicate with itself and it's interaction with the ground. The Animal Flow practice uses two activation positions, Beast and Crab, which are foundational forms in the whole program.


The goal of the Form Specific Stretches is to encourage mobility throughout the body, building strength through an increased range of motion. Each FSS starts from one of our animal base positions and moves through various end ranges of motion (all of which can be regressed no matter your abilities). These movements may be used as conditioning tools in circuit style workouts but of course can be integrated into Flows.


Traveling forms are our animal locomotive movements. We use these travelling forms in the way we mimic animals which in turn help us to improve the function of the "human animal." We call the basic traveling forms as the ABCs of animal movements: Ape, Beast, and Crab, along with their variations.


The S&Ts make up the bulk of the flow in the AF practice. These movements are dynamic and can be linked to allow endless combinations but again can be used as exercises or drills in a circuit based class. The four base S&T categories are Underswitch, Side Kickthrough, Scorpion and Front Kickthrough.


Flows are sequences planned in advance, where movements are combined together to create a continuous series of motion. When you're learning a Flow for the first time, it can be a workout in itself. We recommend practicing each movement before putting them together into the Flow. Once you’ve learned a Flow, you can then decide whether you would like to use it as your complete workout or if you would like to integrate it into your usual workout style.


How you make the most of your Flow practice is truly up to you.

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