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I am super excited about being able to offer the Holistic Core Restore® Athlete 12!

... Let's take it up to the next level!

Everyone is screened as always! If I don't think you're ready for this programme I will recommend the right course for you.

Getting fitter, faster, stronger and breaking through those barriers

You will meet me every Thursday at 8:30pm for 30 minutes for your live workout

And you'll have recorded access to the workout each week and facebook support for the duration ...erm you'll be expected to use this recording another 2 times during the rest of the week...

Also and this is truly exciting! You will have an additional 12 workouts recorded, online core restore home workouts delivered, by programme creator Jenny Burrell herself...and you'll be expected to do this twice...

We'll start with setting you up and get you prepared for the coming 12 weeks. You have instruction on how to do your fitness test and logging your start point measurements

Plus there is an optional, results guaranteed clean eating, simple, fat loss nourishment guide. We've asked the best in the business Julie Bartlett to provide her comprehensive, TRIED AND TESTED and widely success programme as a compliment to this programme. It’s truly NO FUSS and will deliver big results over the course of this core restore programme

Monthly membership is £23 per month to get access the live stream sessions and access to all the recordings between the courses. Minimum membership time is 4 months

You will need to purchase (or I can supply you with them for £20)
green resistance band 
yellow resistance tube with handles
yellow loop resistance band
pilates ball
smooth massage ball
and a pair of 2kg &/ 3kg weights and 5kg weights.

Book here

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