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What is baby yoga?

Baby yoga uses gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby. It incorporates over clothes massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements for your baby, songs, rhymes and actions and sensory play. Many of the movements have been around for centuries and have their roots in traditional Indian culture and can often be seen in traditional infant massage text.

What age of babies is baby yoga suitable for?

Baby Yoga can be used from around 8 weeks (we strongly recommend they have had the 6-8 week check with the GP or Health Visitor) and on into the Early Years. We find that most parents attend classes with their babies from around 8 weeks up until the babies are walking away (around 12 months). Although the techniques can be used with older babies and toddlers (up to 18 months).

What will I need?

Each participant must bring an adult yoga mat, small blanket and cushion.

Location, Day,Time & Price

Toy Library Hurst Road Health Centre, Hurst Road, London E17 3BL

Fridays at 1:45pm to 2:30pm

Aveling Park Road E17 4NT

Thursdays at 10am to 10:45am

£8 per session

Please email me at to check class availability then you may book your place for your session here. Your place is only confirmed on receipt of payment

Please note, I do not offer refunds under any circumstances and

You may not transfer to another class unless you have given me 24 hour notice