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Date Sunday 11th July 2021

Time 10am for 1hour 30 minutes

£25 including your kit for the workshop

Venue Move Strong London, B5, Sutherland House, Sutherland Rd, London E17 6BU

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A supportive, workshop of lovely releases, massage techniques and gentle movement.

Join me and learn how to look after your scar and core muscles.


Only 8 Spaces available!


Find out everything you need to know about your scar.


What will we cover in the workshop?


How your scar forms and how it heals 


What can help your scar


Why scars may feel tight and restricted


Discuss why some scars look good, but may not feel good


Why should we take care of our scars even if they look fine or are not bothering us? 


Discuss how your scar is connected to your whole body and why it is important to move well.


An assessment of your scar and diastasis check (if you wish).


Self-massage techniques to help free up your scar and connect back to your tummy either through clothes or directly on skin (your preference)


Gentle releases and movement strategies for your scar and whole core.


I will supply you with a small kit to take home to keep your scar and core moving well.


If you feel that you need more than a workshop, and want to book in for a 1-1 scar therapy appointment email melissagaul.walker@gmail.com


Wear loose comfortable clothing. You can massage over clothing, so there's no need for you to uncover your belly if you don't wish to.


Please bring a couple of pillows to support your head and neck so you can see your abdomen when massaging it, and a small towel to tuck into your clothing so you don’t get oil on them. 


You may bring your own oil but I will have grapeseed oil to offer on the day.



Who can attend?


You should be at least 8 weeks postnatal having had your doctor's check, with a completely healed scar with no open areas, no scabs, no bleeding to attend the workshop. You will benefit from this workshop even if you are many years postnatal. In other words you don't have to be newly postnatal to benefit. 


Only 8 attendees per workshop so I can give adequate focus to each individual.

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