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Reducing facial lines

I've been doing this face yoga move quite frequently lately because I have a bad habit of biting the insides of my mouth since I was a little girl. I had never noticed that it creates lines on my mouth until I started practicing face yoga and started to become more conscious of my habits and obviously it causes lacerations on the inside of my mouth, which isn't particularly clever. It also seems to be one of the reasons why my face is asymmetrical, as I tend to bite the left side more.

To counteract these effects, I've been using this move and it's been helpful so far, and I'm trying very hard to break the biting habit altogether.

As for habits that can cause lines on the face, some common ones include squinting, frowning, and sleeping on your side. It's important to be aware of these habits and try to minimize them. Do you have any other concerns or questions related to skincare or facial health?

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