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EFT for Weight Loss (Emotional Freedom Technique)


According to Chinese medicine, your life force or energy referred to Chi flows along paths called meridians, which have access points known as acupoints. If the flow is interrupted or disrupted then our wellbeing can be compromised. We can influence the flow via these acupressure points.


There's a theory that your fears, emotions and any negative charges can accumulate in these points and block them but by touching or tapping your meridian points while saying affirmative statements, we can create a change within you on a cellular level by rewiring your neural pathways.


This is the concept of EFT.

EFT is thought of as modern energy therapy and is a fusion of ideas from the east and of the West. It's relatively new, but it uses age old energy understanding and knowledge to release blockages within the energy system. When we have these blockages, we find that this can limit us emotionally and physically.


The difference between acupuncture and EFT is that rather than using needles as happens in acupuncture, we use tapping at these same points. We say affirmative statements which help to rewire your neural pathways and help create new habits discarding habits that no longer serve us.


We use it to restore awareness of the world around us, reignite a positive subconscious mind to allow the conscious mind to thrive.



What we'll cover in your 1 hour workshop

  • EFT points and routines

  • The importance of energy meridians and chakras

  • The importance of emotional and physical well being

  • Understanding your subconscious mind

  • Recognising EFT as a healing technique

Monday 17th January 2022 at 12:30pm - 1 hour £10

contact me at to receive your zoom link

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