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Are you seeking a community of women, that's got your back on your fitness and nutrition journey?


Hit that link and hop into our FREE WhatsApp group!


We're all about inspiring, motivating, and lifting each other up in a safe and nurturing space. It's an accountability group for women where you pick your own 15-minute daily movement and meal plans, then share your wins and meal pics for some awesome encouragement. Let's build this supportive community together—one workout and healthy bite at a time! Link to WhatsApp Group

Do you want some more help with regards to your fitness and nutrition? Ready to amp up your bone density, mobility, and mental game while focusing on that strong core? Well look no further!


Join my Live 30 minute Zoom Strength Classes pay as you go

Monday 7pm

Tuesday 12pm

Friday 9:20am

email to fill out my screening form 24 hours before your first session

and make your £4 payment 

What equipment do you need?

1 green resistance band

1 massage ball

Optional but nice to have

pair of 3kg dumbbells

pair of 5kg dumbbells

fabric resistance loop

or rubber resistance loop

Pilates ball

Foam roller

Yellow resistance tubing with handles

Want access ot all three classes and more? Why not join my on Demand Exercise group?


Sign up for £30 per month via Paypal

and ask to join my group

Join my membership for on-demand exercise that's not just about feeling stronger, but also rocking those toned muscles and shedding some extra fat.


As a busy mum of three balancing my business with family life, I get the struggle firsthand—hence the birth of this membership.


Short workouts, minimal equipment, and maximum results tailored for busy lives like yours.


Plus, dive into meal ideas and recipes to supercharge your journey alongside a squad of like-minded goal crushing members. Most of my members have stuck with me through thick and thin, proving the program's quality.


Try it out—let's blend quick workouts and balanced meals to craft a healthier, happier you!

What you get...

  • 5 x 15 minute pre-recorded movement sessions from Monday to Friday per week for you to follow. The recordings are placed in a closed facebook group at 6am daily

Free extra bonuses

  • Meal ideas and recipes

  • Optional live zoom classes 3 x 30 minute live zoom sessions every week during term time

Monday 7pm, Tuesday at 12pm and Friday 9:15am


  • ​1 x 30 minute live zoom meditation group (& talk time) on Monday at 7:40pm

  • plus the meditation recording is added to the closed facebook group on Sunday mornings for those who can't make the live​ session

...But hang on!!!  If you join this membership, you have the option to join my Face Yoga group for just £5 instead of £10 per month. You can find out more about my Face Yoga membership here

Sign up to the £35 package here

and ask to join my group


My on-demand recorded sessions are great for anyone with a busy schedule. They're even safe for you if you're a new mum. I always offer alternatives for different abilities and I've been working with this population since 2009, as well as being a Holistic Core Restore® coach since 2019. Of course you can always choose the more advanced options if you want more! 


The workouts involve a combination of weights, resistance bands, and body weight exercises, making them incredibly efficient. Plus, you don't need a lot of space to do them; just a yoga mat-sized area.


To get started, I suggest investing in a pair of 3kg weights for your arms and 5kg weights for your back and legs. Additionally, we use a green resistance band to add some variety to your exercises and really target those hard-to-reach muscle groups. And finally, a massage ball for working out any knots or sore spots in your muscles as I often add some self-massage to the sessions...who doesn't need massage in their life?

I've found that setting goals before starting a workout routine really helps with staying on track. It's also a good idea to take measurements and photos (you can keep them private, of course) so that you have a way to track your progress over time. And accountability! Sharing your progress in the group can be a great way to stay motivated and on track.

email me

I can't wait to meet you.

Sign up for £30 per month via Paypal


Or Sign up to the full package with the added Face Yoga access for £35 here

Then join my on-demand facebook group here

and join the face yoga facebook group here

All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a green resistance band and a massage ball but often I get asked what kit I like to use. Below is a list of everything I use at home

3kg dumbbells 

and 5kg dumbbells 


green resistance band


fabric resistance loop

or rubber resistance loop


massage ball


Pilates ball


Foam roller


Yellow resistance tubing with handles


🌈 And what's more! You also get Exclusive Member Massage Discounts! 


Instead of the regular £70 per hour, you'll enjoy a rejuvenating massage at the exclusive rate of £50 per hour! 


But that's not all – if you decide to block book 4 sessions, you'll receive an extra £20 off the entire block. 😲✨


🌸 Exclusive Member Massage Rates:

* £50 per hour (down from £70)

* Block book 4 sessions: £45 per hour each at £180 for the block (usually £248 per block) This block must be used within 4 months.


This is my way of expressing gratitude for your incredible support… by making self-care more accessible to each and every one of you.


Let's prioritize your well-being together!


📅 To book your massage session:

Simply schedule your next appointment by using the following link Please make sure to mention in the comments that you're entitled to the membership discount by stating which group you belong to and specify whether you'd like to be invoiced for one session or the block of 4.


Thank you for being an integral part of the Melissa Movement community. Here's to relaxation, rejuvenation, and the joy of being surrounded by amazing members like YOU! 🌟✨


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